GNIB process experience

[UPDATE 26 September, 2016: You can book an appointment here now]

24 August, 2016
5:02 am
Leaving home for GARDA building at 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2. It’s dark and there are only 1 or 2 people on road. I saw some other guy and started sprinting.

5:30 am
I am at the door of the building.
Enterance of building
WTF!! There is a guy sleeping in a bag. There is a queue. Going to the end of the queue

5:32 am
I didn’t count but I am guessing there are approximately 30 people waiting in front of me. I am 31st. Can’t believe guy at the gate is sleeping in a sleeping bag. There is a group of Chinese students at the front. But the place is clean. I am going to sit on the sidewalk after few minutes.

5:53 am
About 20 more people join.
If above picture is taken today then I will be standing next to the yellow pole. It’s chilly, nice and clean. Starbucks is open. From where I am standing I can see inside the GNIB office building. I see pale yellow wooden chairs lined up perfectly and 14 Wooden counters. Outside, on the street a girl, with her American flagĀ bag (may be she’s ‘Merican) is pacing up and down from Starbucks to the queue. A girl with a coffee van pulled up.

5:59 (I am counting minutes)
I see about 70 people in the queue. Guy in front of me left forĀ Starbucks to buy coffee. He brought coffee and something to eat. There is an Indian guy and a chinese couple in front of him.

Sitting down now. I started a conversation with the guy. He is ‘Merican and works for Facebook, policy team.

“So what documents are needed?”
“Well you need three:
1. Passport
2. Work Permit
3. A letter from the company that you are living here at an address.” ‘Merican replied.
“And a working credit/debit card?”
“Yeah for payment.” ‘Merican replied.

I am feeling tired.

WTF!!! Chinese couple brings out their ace card ‘Foldable chairs’!! Get out of here.

Just had a long conversation with ‘Merican. He is good at international politics. Talked about Trump, Education system in USA, elections, etc. Now I am going to read my feed on Quora. BTW I can see about 50 people behind me.

2 hours and 2 minutes have passed. And now I am getting bored. Nobody has opened the doors.
No one is here.

Doors open. We are moving. After entering the door, students and professionals are being separated in different queues. Documents are being checked. Everyone has their documents in their hands. After the document check is positive, a paper with a number is being handed.
I am waiting for my turn.

Finally I got my number. It’s 29. I was off by 1 person in my initial calculation.
My Ticket I am sitting on a chair now. Chairs are filled with people. It is quite clean and not smelly. I wonder why person sleeping at the gate was here so early. I am opening a bag of vinegar chips.
Number 1 person is being served now.

The number being served right now is 15. I shall be done by 9 am at this rate.

#17 is being served

#25 is being served

My turn is next. So, I am standing now. Although, I can see that counters are free. Some employees are just standing and talking. May be they are taking a break.

Call for #29. That’s me. See you guys soon.

Nice guy behind the glass screen. I am done. I paid a fee of 300 Euros and he kept my Passport with himself.

I am on Quora. Babies are running all over the place. I never saw such a scene in Munich, Germany. Why are German kids so quite? I honestly feel like I am inside an Indian official building.

ANNOUNCEMENT!! I am being called to the Finger print room. Where is it???? Ok! I see a guy with an Indian passport looking for someone. May be that’s where it is.

Gave all finger prints. Important: Finger print room is next to counter 1. If you are applying for the first time then you have to submit your finger prints. Finger print officer told me to wait for another 30 minutes and it will be done.’Merican has already left.

Still not done. More than 30 minutes.

Just got a call with my name to come to Counter 1.
GNIB Smple Card
Finally got my Passport and the GNIB card. GNIB card is valid for next 1 year. So I have to come again next year.
Total time taken: 4 hours and 11 minutes since I stood in the line.
Going to work now.

That’s all folks!